Love the new CD "Dancing in the Light". Such a wonderful mixture of styles. Something for everyone.

Wonderful concert. Nice job Anne-Marie and all of the fine musicians. This concert was better than the Crosby, Stills and Nash concert i saw last year. Great bunch of songs. Looking forward to listening to the CD.

 RE: Dancing in the Light CD Release Party - The evening was fun-filled and heart-felt, listening to very catchy and beautiful melodies and lyrics about how we can live our lives more positively. We laughed, were moved to tears --good ones!--  visited deeper places in the heart and have new "food for thought" as a result of sharing the evening with her. Her songs ran the gamut of style and genre, and her voluptuous voice WOWED you! She eased into every style with deft perception. She has already won an award from the nationally acclaimed Posi Awards (Positive Music) in the "Best Music Video" category.** The knock-your-socks-off-back-up band was an amazing entourage of talented veterans who are no strangers to the stage or to the recording studio. There was delicious and fascinating food there as well, having to do with some of the song titles on the CD!  A totally enjoyable and inspirational evening! Welcome to a brand new talent on the scene--Miss Anne-Marie Lax and her awesome CD "Dancing in the Light"!

Really enjoyed songs these wings...and will you dare.  Choose love is always great to hear. And I was rolling when in never too late you say I'm still hot, just comes in flashes. Great job with the CD!

I just listened to the whole CD again for the gazillionth time. I love it!

I was honored to work as a recordist and multi-instrumentalist with Anne-Marie Lax and producer/artist Katie Gill on Dancing in the Light. Her  songwriting is prolific, powerful, profound, mixing in self deprecating humor for balance.  She is an amazing artist and the world is responding.

Re: Never Too Late-I love the message of this song and appreciate the humor too.

I love your song! It's fun, witty, has a great message, tune AND I love your voice! Your song, Never Too Late, could be a musical theme song for me, in my musical journey! (edited)

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