1. These Wings

From the recording Dancing in the Light

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These Wings- Lyrics: Anne-Marie Lax, Music: Anne-Marie Lax & Katie Gill, Acoustic Guitar: Katie Gill, Lead Guitar & Bass: Lewis Winn, Drums: John Bartlit.


These Wings
Lyrics by Anne-Marie Lax
Music by Anne-Marie Lax & Katie Gill
©2016 All rights reserved

When I was a little girl I dreamed I could fly
Its make-believe, they said, you can’t touch the sky
But each morning I woke with wonder and awe
I knew there was more to these wings of straw

These wings can’t lift these feet of clay
Held fast to the earth by what they may say
These wings can’t fly so close to the ground
So many voices keeping them bound

When I first fell in love I thought I could fly
First love won’t last, they said, he’ll just make you cry
But heights that we soared with wonders to share
I knew there was more to these wings of air


When I finally found my dream I knew I could fly
You’ll never make it, they said, don’t bother to try
But the song of my soul just can’t be denied
I’ve finally unfurled these wings held inside

These wings won’t let these feet of clay
Hold fast to the earth for one more day
These wings will fly so far from the ground
Silence the voices keeping them bound
Keeping them bound

No more, letting those voices
Keep, keep me bound
No more, no more, no, no more