1. Her Son

From the recording Dancing in the Light

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Her Son - Lyrics: Anne-Marie Lax, Music: Anne-Marie Lax & Robyn Mackenzie, Keyboard: Susan Clark, Violin & Viola: Amy Blackburn, Violin: Robyn MacKenzie, Cello: Joan Zucker.


Her Son
Lyrics by Anne-Marie Lax
Music by Anne-Marie Lax & Robyn Mackenzie
©2016 All rights reserved

I held his last tunic when packing the trunk
The scent of him lingering there.
My hand traced the carving made by his own hand
Crafted and polished with care.
I’d hoped he’d be married, have children, a home
Just simple dreams for my son
But I always knew he was special somehow
Always knew that he was the One

As a small boy he was so full of life
So bright and so curious then
Always questioned the elders and cared for small things
The Sparrows, the Robins and Wrens.
He’d be gone for hours, roaming out in the fields
No matter how much I’d scold
And when he’d return, He’d be down by the well
To amaze them with tales that he told

Now I’ve talked to angels, seen wonders untold
But memories of him are more precious than gold
Some say a new start, a new era begun
But I’m just a mother who’s missing her son

It all happened so fast and then you were gone
None there could be consoled
Now they’re talking of miracles when you had returned
Just as it was foretold
But I never saw you, I waited so long
To once again see your smile
But I understand you have work you must tend
And we must part for awhile