From the recording Dancing in the Light

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Nothing To Be Blue about Blues - Lyrics: Anne-Marie Lax, Music: Anne-Marie Lax & Katie Gill, Acoustic Guitar: Katie Gill, Keyboards: Susan Clark, Violin: Robyn MacKenzie, Trombone: Phil Arnold, Bass: Colin Deuble, Drums: Jay Blea.


Nothin’ to be Blue about Blues
Lyrics by Anne-Marie Lax
Music by Anne-Marie Lax & Katie Gill
©2016 All rights reserved

I got the nothin’ to be blue about blues
Got the nothin’ to be blue about blues
I’m always taken care of
Give up the fear and choose love
Nothin’ to be blue about blues

I woke today the sun was in my eyes
Woke up and the sun was in my eyes
It’s no big surprise, nothin’ but blue skies
No clouds on the horizon for me


Market crashed, recession is deep
Market crashed, recession is so deep
But I don’t lose no sleep, only good I reap
‘Cause love and friends and family are my wealth


So if you take it from me
You get what you need
Your wants just weren’t in the plan
If you can’t find your way
Forgive and seize the day
Everybody does the best they can

The wind is cold, the trees are bare
Wind is cold, trees are bare
But I don’t even care, I got warmth to spare
I give thanks for the blessings in my life