1. Choose Love

From the recording Dancing in the Light

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Choose Love - Lyrics: Anne-Marie Lax, Music: Robyn MacKenzie, Acoustic Guitar: Katie Gill, Keyboards: Susan Clark, Cello: Joan Zucker, Backing vocals: Katie Gill & Anne-Marie Lax.


Choose Love                                                                 
Lyrics by Anne Marie Lax
Music by Robyn Mackenzie
©2016 All rights reserved

Another misunderstanding led to armed troops landing
On their shores in the night, and ready for a fight
When the dust had cleared, it was just what we had feared,
There was nothing to be afraid of after all.

A simple compromise instead of tricks and lies, is all we need here.         
When we speak with one voice, we will always have the choice
Between choosing love and fear.
Choose Love    Choose Love

Another disagreement though maybe they are different
We all want the same things, Contentment that peace brings,
We'll share a common goal, not fractured but finally whole.
We'll find we are the same after all.


When we understand at last it’s all within our grasp.
We need to reach the common ground, and when we come around 
To a new perspective finally learning to forgive,
Our spirits are united after all.