1. Will You Dare?

From the recording Dancing in the Light

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Will You Dare? - Lyrics & Music: Anne-Marie Lax, Lead Guitar & Bass: Lewis Winn & Apple Loops, Drums/percussion: John Bartlit.


Will You Dare?
Anne-Marie Lax
©2016 All rights reserved

Do the endless smoke and mirrors only cover up your fears?
Is your fragile flesh and bone wrapped around a heart of stone?
Will a single gentle touch melt the ice and show too much?

It’s all in how you name it (blame it, frame it)
Take the chance, Love the dance
Will you dare to reclaim it?
Will You Dare?

Will the gypsy in your soul mend the broken, make it whole?
Can the fool you thought you were teach what you need to learn?
Do the chains you proudly wear soon become too much to bear?


Time is getting shorter there’s no border between
Can you conceive it or believe it unseen?

They say this too shall pass, mountains shatter like glass
You are more than you have been, shine the light you’ve held within
Freedom’s just no more than this, letting go what you resist