From the recording Dancing in the Light

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Dancing in the Light - Lyrics: Anne-Marie Lax, Music: Anne-Marie Lax & Katie Gill, Acoustic guitar: Katie Gill, Accordion: Susan Clark, Violin: Amy Blackburn, Washboard: Barbara Piper, Backing Vocals: Katie Gill & Anne-Marie Lax, Bass: Colin Deuble, Drums: Jay Blea.


Dancing in the Light
Lyrics by Anne-Marie Lax
Music by Anne-Marie Lax and Katie Gill
©2016 All rights reserved

The sun is dawning, must be morning
Moving toward it like a moth to the flame
Stayed up all night just to get it right
Try to capture words before they slip away

It’s all or nothing the Spirit’s calling
Dancing the high wire, no net to catch the fall
It’s more or less beyond my guess
Well the less you fight the more you have to gain

It’s all such a riddle when you find just a little
A little bit of rhythm and a little bit of rhyme
You’re stepping out now, no time to ask how
Leave behind the shadows you’re dancing in the light
Dancing in the light

Won’t do your bidding, sometimes hidden
When Spirit whispers be ready to receive
Unexpected sage words flood the page
If you follow her you’d better be a step ahead


Don’t ever let go
Give up what you don’t know
It’ll all come round again
Just in a new disguise

I can’t explain it, I’m not complaining
Truth has been revealed, truth will set us free
No sort of plan, finally understand
When you hear the call you can’t refuse to go