1. Rise Up

From the recording Dancing in the Light

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Rise Up- Lyrics & Music: Anne-Marie Lax, Acoustic Guitar: Katie Gill, Lead Guitar: Roland Gonzales, Backing Vocals: Katie Gill & Anne-Marie Lax, Bass: Artha Meadors, Drums: Marco Nuñez.


Rise Up
Anne-Marie Lax
©2016 All rights reserved

These stark canyon walls, built by doubt -so strong and tall         
Breaking free from what I’ve always known it’s time to roll away that stone

Rise up, Rise up.      There's no going back
Rise up, Rise up
Rise up, Rise up       Now don't look down
Rise up, Rise up

I've been silent for way to long but now it’s time to sing this song
It's the rhythm of my very soul, it’s the music that makes me whole.


You know that I have been so blind, out of sight and out of mind.
No more hiding who I'm meant to be, now I'm living the truth inside me.

No denying, you're shining
You've got everything you need
The world's expanding, you're standing 
Right where you need to be.

I’m learning to forgive myself, can’t start with no one else
Peace inside is the love that’s real, no more blame, it’s time to heal.

Rise up, Rise up.     No looking back
Rise up, Rise up
Rise up, Rise up      Don't turn around
Rise up, Rise up

Rise up, R—i—s--e    
Rise up, Rise up
Rise up, R—i—s--e     
Rise up, Rise up
Arise up