1. Coming Home

From the recording Dancing in the Light

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Coming Home - Lyrics: Anne-Marie Lax, Music: Anne-Marie Lax & Katie Gill, Lead Guitar: Michael Anthony, Piano: Sid Fendley, Bass: Colin Deuble, Drums/Percussion: John Bartlit.


Coming Home
Lyrics by Anne-Marie Lax
Music by Anne-Marie Lax & Katie Gill
©2016 All rights reserved

I’ve explored every avenue, been down every street
Known the things I had to face, but didn’t want to meet
I’ve questioned every answer no matter right or wrong
The only answer to this question is I’ve been gone too long
I’m coming home

I’m coming home
Sometimes I have been so lost and was it really worth the cost
Of dwelling on each past regret, recalling things I should forget
I’ll leave behind all my concerns when this prodigal child returns
I’m coming home

The gifts that I was given were squandered and ignored
I thought that I knew it all, lost all I could afford
I’ve been called a little stubborn, I’m sure that’s no surprise
Always looking for the easy out, you saw through all my lies
I’m coming home


Took me long enough to come to my senses
No one called my bluff, I wallowed in the trenches
Of my own making

The pieces to this puzzle no longer seemed to fit
The lines that I once memorized were from a worn out script
It’s time to come full circle to feel your love and grace
Humbled now but wiser back to your warm embrace
I’m coming home